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DarWin is an ongoing musical exploration driven by Simon Phillips and DarWin (DW).  The music seeks to elevate the power of crafted songs, and the collection of songs into an album experience.

Groove, energy, melody and harmony are all simultaneously prioritised.  The songs should feel both original but somehow familiar.

The duo has collaborated with Matt Bissonette since 2015 as a song writing trio, fusing the diverse interests and experiences of the group.  Matt’s vocals provide a soothing sonic resonance over novel rhythmic landscapes. Bass sensation Mohini Dey joined from 2022, contributing her fiery power to the tracks, with virtuoso Greg Howe providing jaw-dropping shred across the albums.

Joining up with a hall of fame of musicians over the years, including Derek Sherinian, Billy Sheehan, Guthrie Govan, Julian Pollack (J3PO), Jesse Siebenberg, Andy Timmons, and many more, the group seeks to celebrate our shared love for musicianship and virtuosity.

The result is something that must be experienced, preferably at high volume.

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New album Five Steps On The Sun available 7th of june