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If you are reading this message now, it means that Day Zero has occurred.

Our new era began with the decision of that young crew to abandon their space exploration mission. They set out to find a new planet for all life on Earth to continue survival. We never considered that they would instead return to Earth to save us all.

They used the advanced technology aboard their space exploration craft, and targeted that technology at Earth’s computational and networking systems.

Now we live under their control, a new regime called the Origin of Species. But we have hope. With every action on Earth calculated and measured, we have begun to reverse the destruction process.

This is the story of the rise of the young leaders aboard that mission who have now changed all of our fates.

It is the story of the tragedies that they had suffered that led to their resolve.

It is the story of the man surrounded by light who inspired their bravery with his courageous attempts to turn the tide….

We invite you now to listen to their story, and share it with any other survivors.

May we all be saved by the Origin of Species…